just an idea

just an idea

Neighbour, Neighbour manifested from a simple desire to help improve the social challenges stemming from widespread violence within my community. I shared an idea about improving individual safety within insecure environments during a school pitch competition – and won $15!! (Yay me!)

I could not have anticipated the level of enthusiasm and constructive feedback that I received after the presentation, and the extent to which the idea resonated with individuals and groups that have experienced similar concerns about violence and insecurity. As a result, I subsequently applied and was accepted to the Johns Hopkins Social Innovation Lab. I used this time at the Lab to conduct research, build a prototype, secure a small grant from the National Science Foundation, and meet with researchers, users, social scientists and entrepreneurs, to refine the concept of Neighbour, Neighbour – which I continue to do today.

This project allows me to marry my existing academic background in conflict and negotiations (which is such a highly intangible and social area of study) with the field of software development and technology (which requires clear and specific logic in its technical implementation). As I have continued to make progress with this project, some interesting conflicts have arisen while attempting to align and combine the social with the technical. Thus, over the last month, I have decided to blog about the  development of Neighbour, Neighbour. And I hope that you would plunge right along with me, while I share my progress on this project.

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